Know more about the creators of diwya beauty

Weronika Lisiak

Natural beauty products was my passion from a very young age. With all these fake products, i was completely fed up. So, i started my own.

Divya Kapila

At times we think why should we choose organic products when they tend to come at a premium price. Perhaps we are still concerned about whether it is just all marketing strategy simply aimed at wringing more money out of our pockets in the name of quality of the products.I was tired of trying many hyped brands which were not only expensive but also promised good results.Organic cosmetics are just a way returing of “back to our basics” what our grandmothers and great-grandmothers used homemade facial and hair masks to keep their skin and hair healthy and beautiful.
All-natural cosmetic products are free from additives and other ingredients that can cause skin irritation and put the body at risk from other complications.

"Quality in a product is not what you put into it.It is what the customer gets out of it "- By Peter Drucker

Alice Goyal

It is interesting to look back when beauty was defined in holistic terms and beauty was within every woman's reach. Keeping this in mind, I love bringing our ayurvedic cosmetics that are not only vegan, eco-friendly but also ethical and made with purest intentions. Ayurveda, the 5000-year old healing system has a unique perspective on beauty and Diwya beauty promise to make and deliver everything you need to look and feel natural.