Ayurvedic Skincare

Ayurvedic Skincare

Ayurveda is India’s traditional system of healing. It is holistic, meaning it views each unique individual as an intricately connected network of energy that has a body, mind, and soul. The ayurvedic approach to skin care comes from naming outer, inner, and secret beauties.

There is now a growing farm-to-face movement. Just like in Ayurveda, the skin care industry in general is using more foods and herbs in skin care products. The skin can digest many things from nature including oils, herbs flours, flower petals, muds, yogurt, and clarified butter – known as ghee – and does not do so well with synthetics in the long term.

Ayurvedic skin care products contain oils, herbs, flowers, and clays. Sometimes these will be single items but, more usually, they will be a blend, such as clay with dry herbs, oils with essential oils and herb extracts, and flour with flower petals. The steps in an ayurvedic skin care regimen are much the same as in western aesthetics but tend to be a little gentler. Ayurvedic skin care does not use strong acids for deeper peels or machines for exfoliation.

Ayurveda uses oil and warm water to initially clean the skin and gentle exfoliants made from lentil, chickpeas, barley or oat flour, herbs, and clay. Fruits and yogurt are used in face packs to nourish and rejuvenate the skin, and herbal oils are used for nourishment and protection.

Ayurveda uses powerful ingredients in skin care like amla fruit, which is super high in vitamin C; neem, a skin friendly bactericide; aloe, the super soother; marma, a point massage that revitalizes the face magically; and kansa, massage wands which quickly and pleasurably eradicate stress.


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