Ayurveda reinvented : Playfull, pure, honest

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We don't have fancy packaging, false marketing, overwhelming claims or models swearing by the results of our products. We don't hide our ingredients like other so called organic and all natural brands. All of our products have ayurvedic composition, they are 100% vegan, made with fresh and natural ingredients in plastic free packaging. As a brand we are not only promoting beauty, but a healthy and sustainable life, that all our future generations can enjoy.

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Meet the team.......

Weronika Lisiak

Natural beauty products was my passion from a very young age. With all these fake products, i was completely fed up. So, i started my own.

Divya Kapila

At times we think why should we choose organic products when they tend to come at a premium price. Perhaps we are still concerned about whether it is just all marketing strategy.........

Alice Goyal

It is interesting to look back when beauty was defined in holistic terms and beauty was within every woman's reach. Keeping this in mind, I love bringing our ayurvedic cosmetics that are not only vegan, eco-friendly........


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I've tried a lot of beauty products, but these stand out. They are really attractive and natural.

Katarzyna skonΔΊinska

I have been suffering with dry skin for all my life. Their body butter is a life saver, it makes my skin soft and smooth.

Paulina grabaΕ„

After using their body scrubs, I don't require manicure and pedicure.

Angela marcela